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Chrystal Smith

It may be a co-worker who feels slighted because of something you said at a meeting, a driver you inadvertently cut off on the way to work or a neighbor who's upset because your tree has branched too far into his yard. 

It's almost impossible to go through life--or even a week--without someone becoming upset with you. It happens.

So how do you deal with it?

There's an easy technique recommended by de-escalation experts called the balloon technique. It works like this:

Imagine the other person's anger is like a balloon filled with air. If you get angry back, all you're doing is adding more air to the balloon.

Instead simply let the person vent until he has communicated his frustration completely. (If he asks questions, say you prefer to hear him out fully before answering.)

Letting the other person vent with little or no interruption will help to "deflate the balloon" thereby de-escalating the tension. Then you'll be in a better position to deal with the situation.

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If you have pets, you probably adore them. They're part of the family! But when you're preparing your home for sale, you need to think about how you're going to deal with the "pet issue".

Some potential buyers who view your property may love pets as much as you do. However, others may be turned off by the tell-tale signs of pet ownership- such as kitty litter, dander and smells.

So be sure to make a plan for how you're going to deal with your pets.

It's a good idea to keep pets out of the house during viewings. Even if your dog or cat is friendly, some buyers will be uncomfortable around them. So, you'll need to decide where your pets will go when buyers view your property. Consider a local kennel or a "pet day camp".

"Can't I just take my dog out for a walk?" you might be asking. You could,; however you may not always be available to do that during a viewing. So have alternate plans available.

You should also consider how you deal with pet dander and everyday pet odours. You're probably used to them. Unfortunately, some buyers will be turned off or even be allergic. So, in addition to cleaning your home before a viewing-especially in those areas where pets spend time like a favorite cushion or scratching post-consider using specialty air sprays available on the market that will neutralize pet odours.

Finally it's a good idea to advise buyers that they're viewing a home with pets. That way they'll be more forgiving if they catch a whiff of cat dander.

Need more tips on preparing your home for sale? Call Today! 

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Does your spouse like to practice the drums in the evening? Does your teenager like to play video games, with the volume turned up high? Are there other sources of noise you'd like to minimize?

There are many ways to soundproof areas of your home to reduce noise. Here are some ideas:

Furniture Placement. Surprisingly, where you place your furniture can dramatically reduce incoming noise. For example, a bookshelf covering a third of a wall can muffle sound from an adjoining room by 25%.

Noise Harmonization Techniques. Soft music, air fans, and other sources of rhythmic noises can actually reduce the unpleasantness of incoming sounds.

Area Rugs. Adding an area rug, even on top of existing carpeting, can significantly reduce noise coming from the floor below. 

Acoustic Tiles and Panels. These are special ceiling tiles and wall coverings that are designed to diffuse and reduce sound infiltration. There are some products on the market that are remarkably easy to install. 

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Items that remind us of special people, events, milestones and interests are important part of what makes a home a home. Pictures on the fireplace mantle, for example, showcase family and friends that are important to us. You might also have trophies, certificates, greeting cards and other momentoes on display in key places. 

Of course all of those things add warmth and meaning to your home.

However, if you're preparing your home for sale, it's a good idea to pack those memories away- at least until you've sold your property and moved to your new home.

Why? Because those pleasant momentoes that mean so much to you may actually turn off potential buyers. 

You see, when buyers view your property, you want them to be able to clearly picture themselves and their families living there. That's difficult to do if everywhere they look they see reminders that this is your home!

So, to help sell your home quickly, make it look great, but not personalized. Think of the showroom displays you see set up in furniture stores. Those displays are most appealing when they enable you to easily picture yourself, with that furniture, in your home. You probably wouldn't feel that way if it looked like the furniture belonged to someone else.

Of course, buyers will know you currently live in your home. But helping them imagine themselves living there will help you sell your property faster- and possibly for a better price. 

Need more tips on preparing your home for sale? Call Today!

Chrystal Smith

Remax Real Estate Centre


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Hi Guys,


Just wanted to let you know that I went to the Edmonton Real Estate Board's yearly forecast seminar this morning and have some POSITIVE news! Although we won't be setting any records this year as a whole the market should be relatively balanced this year and also should be following a "normal" pattern this year meaning that house prices with remain steady until demand gets higher in the spring/summer. Please note all buyers that are on the fence waiting for lower homes prices or interest rates, this will not be happening. Interest rates have already gotten higher and will continue to do so throughout the year. However house prices will remain pretty constant to what they are now keeping the purchase of your first home very attainable! So for all you buyers out there 2011 is the time to purchase, you can lock in to lower rate than what will be available in 2012 and house prices are also lower than what they will be in 2012! And for sellers don't expect to get top dollar for your home, but you definitely don't have to give your house away as in 2008, we should have a mostly balanced market so both buyers and sellers are neither to an advantage or disadvantage and both sides can expect to compromise and meet in the middle! Hope this was helpful and feel free to call me at 780-722-1211 to discuss your real estate needs.


Chrystal Smith

Remax Real Estate Centre


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